Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Organizing Genealogy Software

I really hate all of the wasted packaging used for software. It just takes up so much space. My genealogy files and photos and binders take up a lot of space, too. But I don't need to keep all of those software boxes.

I keep my software in a CD case like you might use for music CDs (that is if you still listen to CDs and haven't gone to cloud based music). Here's the one I where I store my software. These are available in any office supply store.

I put my software CD in one of the pockets and make sure that the product ID/registration number is kept with the CD. I've also been writing this information in the address book where I store my passwords (not the 'real' password, but enough of a hint that I know what it is!).

I received some new software in the mail today, so I took a photo of the registration number. The photo automatically uploads from my iPhone to my Dropbox folder. So there's another place where I can retrieve it should I decided to install the software on a different computer.

This system takes up much less shelf space, and I can always find those seldom used CDs with hardware drivers, reinstallation CDs that we sometimes just toss in a box, any old box. This has certainly saved me time when I've had to reinstall software.

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  1. This is what I do as well. I copy the registration codes down into a notepad file and save to dropbox. I also create an electronic copy of the CD and save to my external hard drive.