Thursday, November 5, 2015

FILE FRIDAY - Checklist for gathering from the 4 corners of your home


Today's File Friday post comes to us from the old 1997 BYU's Ancestors TV Series handouts, unearthed by Judy Young Tuccinardi as Checklist1.pdf Version 1..The information is still good. It's all about gathering every possible document, heirloom, journal, letter, and bible record into one place. Look high and low throughout your house. 

You know you've been meaning to do this. 

You know you cannot possibly get genealogically organized until you do this. 

So hurry, before the holidays take over your dining room table, get it all pulled out, so you know what you've got. Then you can organize, categorize and prepared to scan documents and archive heirlooms over the winter months. I guess you'll have to stack things up on the extra shelves in the guest bedroom closet until the New Year, eh?

This is the link to Cousin Russ' ingenious The Organized Genealogist File Listing Directory

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