Friday, October 30, 2015

FILE FRIDAY - Useful forms not found in our file directory

Organized genealogists use forms when extracting information from things like handwritten census records. So why on earth are we spotlighting forms that are not part of The Organized Genealogist Facebook Group's File Library? Frankly, it's to honor the creators of these copyrighted forms. We also wish to remind our members not to upload any file except those they have created themselves.

Here are links to help you find the copyrighted form you desire. 

Census extraction forms for the US, UK, Canada

RootsWeb page by Miriam Robbins, including the unusual interview forms for cemetery and funeral home employees

Cyndi's List - Printable Charts and Forms

A sizable assortment:

Immigration record extraction forms

Research tracing and organization forms

From the National Archives (US) including immigration, additional census schedule extraction forms

Thanks to the organizational ability of Cousin Russ Worthington, we have a categorized file listing of the other 300+ member-uploaded files in the The Organized Genealogist Facebook Group. He saved it as a Google Doc found here .

Here's where you'll find us:
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