Monday, October 19, 2015

ANNOUNCING: Our new FILES area on Facebook

It is my pleasure to announce that our favorite Cousin Russ Worthington has devised an ingenious way to access the 300+ files in The Organized Genealogist Facebook Group's file area. This is the plan:

FIRST, Russ created a Google Doc titled The Organized Genealogist File Listing Directory with clickable category links such as:
  • Census
  • Checklists
  • Research
NEXT, Russ created a Google Sheet for each category, with the listing of files by name, date of upload and name of uploader.

THEN, Russ instructed the other group administrators to test out every link, to be sure each pointed to the correct file.

FINALLY, Russ created a short-subject video explaining how to use the The Organized Genealogist File Listing Directory, embedded below.

Here's where you'll find us:

Facebook Group -

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