Thursday, October 22, 2015

FILE FRIDAY: Katherine Wilson's Genealogy on Facebook List

Our spotlight this week is the work of Katherine R. Wilson, who has gathered 5,700+ links to Facebook genealogy pages and groups, with another 300+ in the works. Katherine has personally uploaded a copy to The Organized Genealogist Facebook group file area here. We've learned she is writing a book on the use of Facebook for genealogical research.

Katherine's file in .PDF format has a clickable table of contents including, among other topics:
  • US states
  • foreign countries
  • adoption
  • DNA
  • ethnic groups 
  • lineage societies
  • maps
  • software
  • surnames
So why are we spotlighting this marvelous file? Quite frankly to remind our group there is probably a Facebook group out there to handle your research questions. This frees us up to discuss organization in The Organized Genealogist Facebook Group. Without Katherine's list, we may never know what's available.


Your local genealogy society may wish to invite Kathrine to speak at your upcoming day-long seminar. Find our more about Katherine's presentation topics here. From her website we read:
"Katherine currently serves on the Membership Committee for the Federation of Genealogical Societies, is the Vice-President of the Michigan Genealogical Council, Vice-President of the Ford Genealogy Club (MI), Director for the Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County (MI), Corresponding Secretary for the Detroit (MI) Society for Genealogical Research, and the Newsletter Editor for the Dearborn (MI) Genealogical Society."
Katherine has also created a compilation of instructional genealogical videos on YouTube.

Thanks to the organizational ability of Cousin Russ Worthington, we have a categorized file listing of the other 300+ member-uploaded files in the The Organized Genealogist Facebook Group. He saved it as a Google Doc found here .

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