Friday, January 8, 2016

FILE FRIDAY - Documenting a workflow process

FINALLY Get Organized! Checklist - How did you do this first week? DearMYRTLE's 1st week's checklist is found here: FINALLY Get Organized! Jan 3rd-9th 2016 Checklist

 This is the link to Cousin Russ' ingenious The Organized Genealogist File Listing Directory

Mark Stahl writes "This is a workflow process using specific software including Evidentia, Adobe Lightroom, Clooz, OneNote and RootsMagic. It can be adapted for other uses. This is specific for my workflow and may not work for others. Use as you see fit."  You'll find his file in The Organized Genealogist Facebook Group File Library here.
IMAGE: Zoomed out screen capture of Mark's workflow chart.


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